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Home Team: Buffalo Bills
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Member Since: December 22, 2013

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Two of the most recognizable Buffalo Bills fans on the Jumbo Tron at Ralph Wilson Stadium are the Chefs Tailgaters. To their friends, Derrick Norman and Richard Peterson are known as “Norm” and “Poo”. These amateur chefs run one of the biggest tailgate parties in Bills Country as football fans circle the wagons on Sunday mornings in Orchard Park, NY. For Norm and Pooh, the cooking surface of choice is an old oil drum that's been modified into a grill for smoking and flame roasting meats over an even heat created by bed of charcoal briquettes. They grill chicken, burgers, ribs, and hot dogs. They fry fish and cook an incredible array of side dishes to accompany the gameday meal. On any given Sunday, they'll cook at least 100 pounds of food and their tailgating prowess in known throughout the area.

The Chefs have a solid team of blacktop culinarians that have been working together for over ten years slowing improving their craft. Putting meat to flame is an art form that the Chefs excel at. Each year as football season draws near , they host trial runs on Norm’s driveway feeding several volunteer fireman as they hone in on new specialties for the upcoming season. The Chefs have been Buffalo Bills Season ticket holders since the early part of this century and each year they hope their loyalty will be rewarded as the Bills return to greatness. Throughout the season you can find them in the parking lot surrounded by friends and family and when it’s gametime, just look up at the scoreboard. Those signature smiles and the custom chef hats always seem to make an appearance.

The gameday meal is where these guys excel. You don’t become known as “The Chefs” for serving up meat products that are charred beyond recognition and subpar salads. The Chefs slow cook a variety of fine cut meats accented by an incredible assortment of liquid beverages and accessories. Just follow your nose … Logo