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First Class Tailgaters
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Home Team: Tennessee Titans
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Member Since: November 23, 2008

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I first started tailgating when a friend of mine gave me this grill made from an aluminum fuel tank off a semi-truck. Next I went and brought a 16’ trailer with tandem axles and carried it to a trailer repair shop where they painted the trailer blue, installed 4’ white aluminum panels on the outside and a translucent roof. Next my brother and I ran the electrical wiring and then pre-wired six speakers for the stereo. Next we installed stainless steel walls in the front were the grill would be and then finished the rest of the walls with white plastic panels. To secure the trailer while unattended we designed the top to collapse and set on top of the 4’ side walls, leaving no room for entry.

Next we installed the grill and also an 8’ enclosed stainless steel counter that we converted into a cold side for the beer tap and the other side to hold a 220amp electrical grill and a gas stove with 3 burners and also a microwave oven. The trailer can handle up to 3 cooks at one time.

Next up was our bus, an old shuttle bus that played out after a couple of years. Then I found the Flame Mobile, a 1995 gas shuttle bus. Great bus but could not traveled very far with it. Next up was the Titan Mobile, a 2004 shuttle bus with a diesel engine. We gutted the inside out and converted into limo type seating, a 32” flat screen TV with Direct TV tracking satellite system, and a bar.

Anyone who has ever tailgated knows how much work is involved in prepping for the game, setting up, cooking, and finally, cleaning up. One thing implemented to aid in the process is the simple notion of having everything on wheels. We designed portable steam tables (we call our First Class Buffet Line), a condiments station, and a gas deep fryer all on wheels. I also built a full entertainment system on wheels equipped with a TV, Stereo, DVD and CD player.   Next up was a 9’ utility trailer converted in a Mobile Bar. The small bar in the Titan Mobile was not equipped to handle the volume of fans that attend our tailgate parties.

The next piece of arsenal that puts First Class Tailgaters over the top when it comes to tailgating is our 45’ Ocean Container Kitchen. Serving 80 – 100 people takes a lot of preparation, so we converted this ocean container into a complete commercial kitchen. It includes everything from freezers, ice maker, meat slicer, three bin sink dish station, dry storage, two 8’ stainless steel prep tables. The kitchen, with running water and heat/air, has taken our tailgating experience to a new level.

In the last 12 years our tailgate party went from 15-20 fans to an average of 100 fans per game. We have hosted as many as 200 fans and at a few of our tailgate parties we also had live music. We have always hosted the opposing team’s fans as well as our on fans, which to me is what tailgating is all about. I have truly enjoyed my tailgating experiences over the last 12 years, the folks I have meet both Titans fans and opposing team fans has been fantastic. Unfortunately our tailgate party has become to feel like work instead of fun and because of that I have retired my spatula in 2012. I’m looking forward to going to the games a checking out all of the tailgating going on at the games .

Hall of Fame Credentials:
The First Class Tailgaters out of Nashville, TN did everything in a big way for twelve years. If you were lucky enough to score an invite to the secret Batcave, (Bruce) Wayne Vandevort and his cohorts put you right to work preparing the gameday meal; as a full day of preparation is required to pull off the largest feast in the NFL. With fellow Hall of Famer Lady Titan, and all the gadgets, equipment, and wheeled platforms of a caped crusader, they combined to from a temporary tent community that was second to none.  Good luck in your retirement from tailgating, my friend.

First Class Tailgaters - Retirement

Tennessee Titans Tailgating
Tennessee Titans Tailgating
Tennessee Titans Tailgating
Tennessee Titans Tailgating