Raging Bull Tailgaters

Raging Bull Tailgaters
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Home Team: Houston Texans
Website: www.RagingBullTailgaters.com
Tailgating Since:
Location:  PLATINUM Lot
Typical Tailgate Size:  We Tailgate on 20 plus parking spots and can cover nearly 2000 square under Tents
Signature Drink: Battle Red Koolaid (Drink it and you WILL Believe)
Best Local Beer:   
Tailgate Cruiser: 
Awards:  Houston Texans Tailgater of the Game EVERY Season we have been eligible. Houston Texans Tailgater of the Year 2004, MAV TV American Tailgater TV Show's (Best Tailgater Party in America 2009), Tailgater Monthly Magazines (Tailgater of the Year 2011 - 12 ) Houston Texans Tailgater of the Decade 2012
Member Since: September 27, 2009

Member Bio:
We have hosted 1000s of people over the years from not only visiting NFL Cities but from Countries all around the World.  Our Philosophy is simple.  Be the Best in everything you do. You Only Live ONCE!!  Tailgate HARD, Fan HARDER!!!  It is all about the 5 F's (Family, Friends, Football , Food and FUN!! ) We have the BEST Fans, in the BEST City and we have always been driven to let the World know it. We want to do our part, to make Houston the BEST of the BEST in Tailgate cities across the Naitonal Football League.

Typical Gameday Spread:
Simply Put, EVERYTHING! Brisket, Ribs, Pork Tenderoin, Chicken, Fried Fish, Shrimp and Oysters, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, Scallops, and more.  Earl Campbell Sausage, Cajun Hollar Boudain, Chicken Wings, Turkey, Rib Eyes, Stuffed Jalapenos, Venison, and Many Many more... Basically if it once Lived, it is now Dead and on the grill. 

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Raging Bull Tailgating
Raging Bull Tailgating