Indy Blue Crew

Indy Blue Crew
At A Glance

Home Team: Indianapolis Colts
Tailgating Since:
Location:  Indy Blue Crew Lot, 551 Merrill Street, Indianapolis, IN
Typical Tailgate Size: 30-100 Tailgaters
Regulars: Marcy & Matt Schwegman, Donna & Marty West, Chad & Kim Peterson, Heather & Chad Nolte, Matt & Jenny Wright, Bob & Kathy Stiles
Signature Drink: Blue Jello Shots & Jager & Cherry Bombs
Best Local Beer:  Oaken Barrell Razz Wheat and Sun King
Tailgate Cruiser:  Tailgating Response Unit (T.R.U.)
Member Since: December 6, 2009

Member Bio:
We are members of one of the greatest tailgating crews around, The Indy Blue Crew fan club and their slogan "Ain't no party like a horseshoe party" sells memberships and parking passes so the best fans in the NFL can party together all season long.  As a member, we have special events throughout the season such as the Blue Crew Overnighter, The B.C. Bar Crawl, Chili Cook Off, Silent Auction and Corn Hole tourney that raise money to buy phone cards for our troops overseas so they can call home.

Our tailgating experience went to a whole new level after I met my husband and introduced him to tailgating.  After a few tailgates, Matt Schwegman knew he could do it better than anyone else!  We have gone through countless upgrades with tents, tables, chairs, flags, corn hole boards, speakers, T.V.'s blow-up guys and generators to provide the best party in the Blue Crew Lot. The piece da la resistance was the purchase of an old ambulance that he painstakingly transformed into the (TRU) Tailgating Response Unit.  There is not an inch of the TRU that Matt has not customized to make it one of the coolest tailgating vehicles around. For a TRU Blue tailgating experience our place is where it's at!

We have anywhere from 30 to 100 people that come to hang with us during home games and our party is so good many people don't want to leave and head into the game which is fine by us. With our two 42" inch HD TV's and surround sound Klipsh speakers we don't miss any of the action on the field. With ice cold beer, plenty of liquor, our own Jagermeister machine, bathroom and tons of food within an arms reach, the party rages in the lot through-out the game. Logo