Finatics At A Glance

Home Team: Miami Dolphins
Tailgating Since:
Location: Between East 14 & East 15 
Typical Tailgate Size:  10-20 Tailgaters
Regulars:  Finatic Dave, Finatic Bob, Gino Vitale
Signature Drink: Mai Tai's
Best Local Beer:  Funky Bubba 
Tailgate Cruiser: The Finatic Mobile
Member Since: November 9, 2008

Member Bio:
The Finatics started way back in 1992, when a group of friends who worked together at a software company started tailgating together at Miami Dolphins home games. We met at a specific location in the parking area outside Joe Robbie Stadium known as "E12" and our first web site was born as

Over the years, we've moved to different locations within the parking lot, so the url really didn't apply any longer.  Eventually our group, which came to be known as the Finatics, registered a new url,  Our website contains our views on the Miami Dolphins organization.  Everything from tailgating in the parking lot to what's happening down on the field on game days is posted there.   Since 2004, we have been an "Officially Recognized Fan Website" of the Miami Dolphins, and in case you're looking for us in the parking lot, we're still there!   The Finatics can now be found between East 14 and East 15, and we try to get to most of the Dolphins home games. Just look for the Finatics flag!!!

Typical Gameday Spread:
The tailgate is always the BEST way to start a home game at Hard Rock Stadium. It's also the way that the Finatics got their start. We take our tailgate seriously! And we always remember that no matter what the Dolphins do on the field, we can ALWAYS rest assured that our tailgate is a WINNER!!!

Our Tailgate spread changes from week to week, but fresh seafood and high quality cuts of meat frequently show up on our blacktop menu.   From grilled lobster tails and steak to barbecued ribs to Cuban-style pig roasts, we're sure to have a solid offering of tailgate foods on game day, along with a great group of folks to hang out with before and after the game.  As the Finatics, we define Miami Dolphins tailgating here in South Florida and welcome visitors with open arms.  Let's GO DOLPHINS!

One Crazy Fan Tailgating
One Crazy Fan Tailgating