Fan Van Crew

Fan Van Crew
At A Glance

Home Team: Kansas City Chiefs
Facebook: TheFanVanCrew
Tailgating Since:
Location:  Parking Lot G
Typical Tailgate Size:  30-60 Tailgaters
Regulars:  Brent Cable, Marc Dipoto, Kevin Ewing, Brett Craven, Mike Armstrong, Troy Brooks, Bryon Cable, Justin Callaghan, Cecil Long, Brett Davis, Bill Dennis, Ron Eason, Tim Falleri, Cory Jines, Chuck Kingston, Tad Kioh, Orin Moates, Troy Prewitt
Signature Drink: Old 85
Best Local Beer:  Boulevard Brewing Co.
Tailgate Cruiser:  Fan Van
Awards:  Featured tailgating vehicle on the Kansas City Chiefs Documentary, Hy Vee Tailgaiter Award. 
Member Since: January 10, 2014

Member Bio:
Kansas City Chiefs Tailgating Team was founded by Die Hard Chiefs Fans Brent Cable, Marc Dipoto and Kevin Ewing in the summer of 2007. The original Fan Van was a 1985 Chevy G10 van that the crew converted to a tailgating machine. As the years progressed, friends and fellow Chiefs fans joined the group and in 2010 we upgraded to our current vehicle, a 1990 20 Passenger Carpenter Bus. We have since grown to 20 Crew members and continue to add new members every year. We have had the honor of participating in multiple Kansas City Chiefs events such as Red Friday and various pep rally events. We recently hosted the Owner, Chairman and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs, Clark Hunt, at our tailgate.
We are a fraternity of Chiefs fans and spend a lot of our time at Neighbors Tavern when the Chiefs are not on the field at Arrowhead. We have established an annual Golf Tournament, Trapshooting Tournament and an overnight outing for the Crew that includes camping, lots of beer, fishing, kayaking and hitting the bike trails at one of our local lakes.

Typical Gameday Spread:
Our tailgate fare would be classified as anything but typical. For Pre-season games we keep it pretty basic with Brett’s Beer Bathed Brats to plain old Hamburgers, but when the regular season hits it is game time in the parking lot as much as on the field. We have had Smoked Ribs from the competition BBQ Team Baptized In Smoke, Brisket, Lamb Chops, Fried Fish and Hush Puppies, Low Country Boil of Chicken, Sausage, Shrimp and Veggies, Molly’s Beans, Grilled Shrimp and Lobster, BBQ Pork Steaks and much more. We are always striving to raise the bar and feed as many Chiefs fans as we can.


da Bus Tailgating
Timmy from da Bus on the Quest for 31