North Port Kennel / Dawg WARDens

North Port Kennel / DawgWARDens
At A Glance

Home Team: Cleveland Browns
Tailgating Since:  2000
Location:  Burke Lakefront Airport Lot
Typical Tailgate Size: 30-50 Tailgaters
Regulars:  John, Melissa and Brianna Ward, Brian & Erica Wuebker, Gavin Gould, Brian Emch, Paul Morris, Scott Hinkle, Ryan O’Neil, John & Amy Develvis
Signature Drink:  Fireball, Jaeger Bombs, Dawg Bites & Puppy Bites for the young pups!
Member Since: November 14, 2010

Member Bio:
The North Port Kennel\DawgWARDens tailgate family is a culmination of several individual tailgates brought together by well-timed happenstance and the camaraderie within this group is apparent the minute you arrive onsite. Proud to be a “celebrity free” tailgate, the North Port Kennel\DawgWARDens crew happily welcomes fans from all over the league and shows guests a great time with a layout of excellent music, remarkable food and the kind of people you’ll be glad to meet and happy to know. Located in the Burke Lakefront airport parking lot just a quick scramble and a short Hail Mary pass away from the stadium’s east entrance, first arrivers can be found setting up as early as 7:30a.m. on gameday with regulars arriving in a steady stream throughout the hours leading up to kickoff. Coming in each week from points as far south as Canton and Columbus, this crew combines years of tailgating know-how and culinary creativity to provide a fun-filled, family-friendly pregame experience. When asked what they enjoy most about being a part of the group, regulars often echo one another in describing a very family-like feeling of coming together each week – everyone pitching in to help set up, bring dishes to share and tear down & clean up before it’s time to head inside for kickoff. For our specific tailgate location, click here.

While onsite with the North Point Kennel\DawgWARDens family, it’s important to be on alert and ready to respond when you hear the ringing of the notorious orange cowbell… the sound of which beckons everyone to partake in one of several shots regularly featured at this tailgate site. From Jaeger Bombs and Fireball Whisky to DawgBites and PuppyBites (for the younger fans in attendance), when the bell rings, the crowd always answers!

In addition to quenching your thirst, this tailgate boasts a number of highly skilled grill\deep fryer\slow cooker\griddle\camp stove chefs ready and willing to appease your appetite as well. Themes such as Deep Fried Week, Everything Bacon Week, Polish Week and Citrus Week are just a few of the tasty menus sure to satisfy the hungriest of football fans. Throughout the season as well as the off-season, this tailgate family supports charities such as the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland (Got aluminum can tabs?? They’ll take them!!), Lake Humane Society, Toys for Tots and the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital.

For the tailgate theme of the week, visit

So if you’re looking for a spot to relax, have fun and get to know a great group of dedicated Browns fans, be sure to stop by the North Port Kennel\DawgWARDens tailgate site and say hello!! And don’t forget… when you hear that bell… come quick and come thirsty!!

Dawg WARDens Tailgating
Dawg Wardens Tailgating
Dawg Wardens Tailgating