Cards #1 Tailgate Team

Cards #1 Tailgate Team
At A Glance

Home Team: Arizona Cardinals
Website: Cards Tailgate Team on FB
Tailgating Since:
Location:  Oversized F lot (RV) at U of P Stadium
Typical Tailgate Size:  50-150 Tailgaters
Regulars:  We have a core group of local tailgaters but also have other groups that yearly visit Arizona and attend our tailgates.
Signature Drink:  Cardinal Juice
Best Local Beer:   Tailgate Beer
Tailgate Cruiser:  Customized Chevy Step Van with Trailer
Member Since: December 14, 2008

Member Bio:
The Cardinals #1 Tailgate Team is lead by 3 legends in Arizona Cardinal's football fandom. They are Randy Earick (Doc, the Hat Guy), Tim Earick (Lipton) and Chris Earick (AZ Diablo). Their reputations as avid, loyal, supportive and, at times, crazy Cardinal fans has grown over the years. It began over 20 years ago with one small charcoal BBQ, one very small ice chest and 2 folding chairs and has grown, not only in size, but also in recognition both locally and nationally. Their tailgate parties have been accurately described as somewhere between creativity and debauchery as is evidenced by their "tailgate games," their "themed" tailgate gourmet food menus and their now famous "tailgate hats." As the word has spread about the Cardinals #1 Tailgate Team and their tailgate parties, the desire to attend one of their gatherings has spread also. It is common to have nearly as many visitors from opposing teams as there are Cardinal fans in attendance, and that feeling of friendship and sportsmanship is felt by all . All are welcome to stop by, enjoy meeting new people, share a good time, possibly share an adult beverage, and learn why this is the Cardinals #1 Tailgate Team!!

Hall of Fame Credentials:
"Doc, the Hat Guy", "Lipton" and "AZ Diablo" keep in all in the family to provide the finest tailgating experience in the desert. Located near the stadium in a private lot, these guys have amassed an incredible following of Arizona Cardinal diehards that come out in droves for their signature alcoholic medley of "Cardinal Farts", "Cardinal Juice", "Big Red's Testicle Cherries", and "Cardinal Red Hot Jell-O Shots". The fellas also create a set of matching custom hats in honor of each game day opponent, so be sure you're present for the unveiling. The food they serve is also top notch.

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