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Bolt Pride At A Glance

Home Team: San Diego Chargers
Facebook: BoltPride
Tailgating Since:
Location:  Section P4 (map)
Typical Tailgate Size:  100+ Tailgaters
Charities:  American Cancer Society, The John Brockington Foundation, Huntington's Disease Society of America, Toys for Tots, Princess Project, Lifesharing, Wounded Warrior Project
Member Since: September 27, 2014

Member Bio:
Bolt Pride is the largest, most celebrated Charger fan group worldwide and the heart of the Chargers’ 12th man. The words “Bolt” and “Pride” say it all. Bolt Pride was started by four Charger season ticket holders: Hector Tirado, Louie Valdivia, Rafael Alvarez and Miguel “Grill Master” Gonzalez – the Bolt Pride 4-man corps. Founded in 1992, Bolt Pride is about the Chargers, family, respect, and having a great time! These values have carried Bolt Pride for over 20 years, making it an exemplary fan group throughout the NFL and a local civic leader. The Bolt Pride family motto is “Bolt Pride 4 life!”

The growth and recognition of Bolt Pride led to an opportunity and responsibility for contributing to our community. The first opportunity came in 2006, when Bolt Pride raised over $5,000 for the benefit of a young man, from Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, who suffered head injuries in an accident. Over the years, Bolt Pride has raised community awareness and over $30,000 in support of community partners. Community awareness events/fundraisers are held during the Bolt Pride tailgate parties throughout the season. Bolt Pride community partners include Athletes for Education Foundation, LifeSharing, John Brockington Foundation, American Cancer Society, the Princess Project, Toys for Tots, Wounded Warrior Project, and Huntington’s Disease Society of America. In 2008, Bolt Pride fundraising netted over $1,000 for the refinishing of pews at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. This contribution was recognized with right- and left-end plates on the 2nd pew in the front-left of the church reading “Bolt Pride” and “Charger fans of Our Lady of Guadalupe”, respectively!

Community awareness events are only part of the Bolt Pride experience. Since 2011, each game day is also a Bolt Pride “international day” in honor of the worldwide Bolt Pride family. Bolt Pride international days celebrate the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Canada and Japan.

Bolt Pride is also connected to Pro Football’s Ultimate Fan Association (PFUFA). PFUFA was founded in 1999 by fans that were chosen and inducted into the Visa “Hall of Fans” in the NFL Hall of Fame. With members from across the NFL, the PFUFA motto is, “TO PROMOTE THE FELLOWSHIP OF ALL FANS, ENCOURAGE SPORTSMANSHIP AND SUPPORT CHARITABLE ACTIVITIES." Bolt Pride members Rafael Alvarez (Class of 2013) and Josue Casillas (Class of 2014) were inducted into PFUFA at the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

While Bolt Pride began with the 4-man corps, the extended worldwide Bolt Pride family makes the Bolt Pride experience what it is today – and it’s a beautiful thing!

Hall of Fame Credentials:
Originating from humble beginnings, Bolt Pride has grown to become the largest Charger fan group worldwide, with nearly 8,000 members on Facebook in over 40 countries. Bolt Pride “chapters” have also been started in Stockton (CA) and Phoenix (AZ). The highlight of the Bolt Pride experience is the world famous Bolt Pride tailgate parties in Section P4 - the ground zero for the extended Bolt Pride family, and where each Bolt Pride game day begins. The Bolt Pride tailgate party alone is a 4 hour Bolt Pride family event. Currently, gates open 4 hours before game time. However, in the early days of Bolt Pride, the gates opened at 6 am for a 1 pm kickoff! Getting in line at 5:30 am, in darkness and along with other hardcore Charger fans, was something to be proud of.

Bolt Pride parties have grown through the years, adding new members annually who become season ticket holders because they “don’t want to miss the Bolt Pride tailgate party!” Each party features a guest DJ, a huge gathering of Bolt Pride family & guests, lots of food and drink, and a great time! Over the years, the Bolt Pride tailgate party has hosted a mariachi group, a 9-member party band, and the best 80’s metal tribute band Way Cool Jr. Recognized as one of the best Charger tailgate parties, the Bolt Pride tailgate party has received several awards, including the Bob Golic Golden Grill Award (2002), Campbell's Chunky Chilli "Great Tailgates" (2005), Chargers' Tailgater of the Week (2006) and Pretzel Crisps’ Tailgate Champion (2011).

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